Yotam Mann

Headshot of Yotam Mann

Yotam Mann is a musician and instrument maker working primarily in code. He creates interactive and generative compositions and tools that explore new ways that technology might mediate expression, communication and relationships.

His creative output includes an open-source software library for making interactive sound and music in the browser, Tone.js. Tone.js has enabled new modes of music-making for thousands of composers using the affordances and ubiquity of web browsers. Using Tone.js, Yotam creates generative songs and installations that listeners can explore and alter by interacting with recontextualized digital interfaces.

In the past few years, Yotam has been developing instruments and audio effects using machine learning. Yotam was part of the inaugural class at NEW INC, adjunct professor at ITP NYU Tisch, and 2016 Creative Capital Grantee in Emerging Fields.