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ITP and Me

Husk and Ash; participatory installation, Seoul, S. Korea, 2013

In this talk, artist and ITP alumnus Romy Achituv will consider what endures and what fizzles in technology-based art. Using a recent historical lens—that of his time in ITP in the mid 1990s—Achituv will share reflections on what then seemed an almost utopian dream about the possibilities of the digital revolution. Finally, he will discuss two dominant paths through the program: the path of the technologist (creativity in the service of technology) vs. the path of the artist (technology in the service of creativity), and will offer strategies for integrating elements of both.


Romy Achituv is an Israeli interdisciplinary artist, media designer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. His practice incorporates a wide range of media including street posters, sculpture, photographs, video, interactive and generative installations, and performance. Romy's work engages issues of historical and cultural representation, often employing concepts borrowed from the world of computing and new media discourse to rethink institutionalized approaches to received narratives. His public works include “The Garden Library”, an open-air library established to serve the refugee and migrant workers communities of South Tel Aviv, which features an indexing and cataloging system based on user input; and a new wing for the “Ghetto Fighters House,” a museum in northern Israel commemorating Jewish resistance during World War II, which includes a memorial hall in the form of an interactive physical archive. His current practice focuses mostly on sculpture. 

Website: http://gavaligai.com