Spring 2022 Non-Major Registration for ITP Classes

Spring 2022 ITP Non-Major Registration:

Non-ITP students should express interest in all Spring 2022 ITPG-GT courses via Exchange (https://itp.nyu.edu/exchange/). ITPG-GT courses will be held in Albert while departmental advisement and registration is ongoing. Once ITP students complete their internal registration, pending space availability at that time, we will begin to enroll non-ITP students in those openings via Exchange.

If offered a seat in an ITPG-GT course, you will be notified via email starting on 12/15/21 and on a rolling basis thereafter, and you will be given an opportunity to clear your schedule for the course at that time. Because ITP registration is competitive, we anticipate that many of our curricular offerings will fully close with ITP students, so we do recommend you plan an alternate schedule of classes without any ITP courses for the time-being, and you may revisit your schedule if offered a seat.

Any other questions regarding Spring 2022 ITPG-GT course registration may be sent to dpd266@nyu.edu directly.