Adel L. Morales
Adel L. Morales

Adel L. Morales is a former high school English teacher-by-day and a filmmaker-by-night, who quit his seventeen-year-career to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He began his studies at the NYU Grad School Film Program in the Fall of 2012. Bronx born and bred, Adel received his B.A. in English Literature from Pace University and his M.A. in English from Lehman College/CUNY.

During his six years at NYU, Adel produced two features, of which he wrote and directed one. He was also producer on twenty short films, writing and directing seven of them. His first feature film, "Release," which was awarded a $5,000 grant from Spike Lee, premiered at The Urbanworld Film Festival in 2019. "Release" is currently streaming on ALLBLK TV (https://allblk.tv/release/), as his company, HollyHood Productions, makes plans to shoot a horror thriller this summer.

Email: hollyhoodprod@gmail.com
Website: www.hollyhoodproductions.com
Instagram: @pushing_dreams @hollyhood.productions.inc