From Script to Screen

Inspired by the Hollywood Black List (, and by their professor Robert Warren's challenge to find new ways to link students with potential film investors, thesis students Ash Bhalla and Shandor Garrison founded The Purple List with the support of the faculty and Professor John Tintori.

The Purple List’s objective is:
To bring vetted, production-ready feature screenplays from the NYU Grad Film community to the attention of industry professionals and potential investors.

How the list is formed:

  1. Faculty members sponsored student/alum feature screenplays that they deem to be production-ready, and of the highest standard.
  2. An outside panel of film professionals gave a blind-read to these faculty-selected projects. We asked them to sift through these excellent scripts and pick our list. We didn't start out with a maximum or minimum number of projects. Our primary criteria: is this script ready to be made, and will it make a good movie?

Numerous Purple List selections have been finished as accomplished feature films which have played top tier film festivals and gone-on to enjoy successful theatrical releases.


EYIMOFE (THIS IS MY DESIRE) by Chuko Esiri. Purple List 2018. Premiered at Berlinale 2020, nominated for the GWFF Best First Feature Award.

Noah Land

NOAH LAND by Cenk Erturk Purple List 2016. Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 winning best screenplay and best actor awards. Released theatrically.

The Thrid Wife

THE THIRD WIFE by Ash Mayfair. Purple List 2015. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018, winning the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Award. Released theatrically.


YOMEDDINE by Abu Bakr Shawky. Purple List 2014. Premiered in Competition at Cannes 2019. Released theatrically.

If you are looking for the next emerging screenwriting talent, we believe you will find it here on the Purple List.

For inquiries about the Purple List, please contact founders Ash Bhalla and Shandor Garrison at