Alyssa Loh
Alyssa Loh

ALYSSA LOH is a writer and filmmaker based in New York. She is a 2021 Sundance Screenwriting Lab Fellow and the 2021 Sundance Institute & Alfred P. Sloan Development Fellow.

Loh is a joint MBA/MFA (filmmaking) candidate at NYU, where she is the recipient of the Bernie Brillstein, Essential Entertainment, and George A. Kellner scholarships. She holds a BA from Princeton in literature and creative writing, where she won the Ward Mathis Prize for best short story, and was selected by Toni Morrison for participation in her Atelier program. She is also the two-time recipient of the university’s Outstanding Work award for her fiction.
Her essays on technology, surveillance, and visual culture have appeared in Artforum, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and The American Reader, where she served as deputy editor. She sits on the Editorial Board of the history journal Lapham’s Quarterly and has held creative residencies at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center (Waterford, CT), dispersed holdings (NYC), and Mildred’s Lane (Beach Lake, PA).
Her critical and creative work frequently explores the abuse of power, on scales large and small: governments in relation to citizens, corporations in dealings with consumers; but also among friends, within families, between lovers. Her film work runs the gamut — from intimate contemporary stories to sweeping historical dramas, from horror to experimental.

Instagram: @alyssakloh