Inspired by the Hollywood Black List, NYU Grad Film presents The Purple List: the top production ready feature screenplays written by students or recent alums of the Grad Film Program.

As determined by our faculty and voted on by an outside panel of industry professionals.

Purple List coordinator 2022: Tara Sheffer

  • CHARIOT by Alyssa Loh


    1958. In a purported attempt to “redeem” nuclear weapons, the American government embarks on a plan to blast a new harbor into the Alaskan coastline using five thermonuclear bombs — one of them 10 times the size of the weapon dropped on Hiroshima. A Native village next to ground zero must join forces with a young American scientist to face down the government and save their home from destruction. Inspired by true events.

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  • EAST OF WESTWOOD by Amir Mosallaie


    When his best friend kisses him the weekend before he is moving away, a timid Iranian-American teenager fends off a sexual awakening as he helps his dutiful immigrant mother plan his own elaborate graduation party.

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  • GOING TO MEET THE DEVIL by Adel L. Morales


    When William and Vanessa are assaulted by a White woman in their small Southern town, they decide to fight back against the local racist Police Chief and his badge-wearing minions that have abused their Black community for generations.

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  • GRIFFIN IN SUMMER by Nicholas Colia


    Griffin is the most ambitious playwright of his generation. He's also fourteen-years-old, still living with his parents in the bland suburb of Whitewood. But when Griffin meets handsome twenty-five-year-old handyman Brad, his life (and play) will never be the same.

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  • POLLINATOR by Joseph Sackett


    A queer sci-fi rom-com about an alien on a mission to introduce his DNA into the human gene pool; things get complicated when he falls in love with the man who knocks him up.

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  • THE PRESIDENT’S CAKE by Hasan Hadi


    1991. While people struggle daily to survive under sanctions in Saddam's Iraq, nine-year-old Saeed must use his wits to gather the ingredients for the required cake to celebrate President Saddam Hussein's birthday or face the consequences alongside his family.

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