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Purple List Judges 2017


Adam Paulsen, CAA
Alexander Black, Writer / Director
Alexis Galfas, Cinetic Media
Ali Herting, A24
Andrew Lawton, Kinetic Studios
Apolline Berty Fox, Searchlight Pictures
Brad Barnes, Director
Bree Michael, Warner The Alchemy Factory
Byron Beane, Paper Plane Entertainment
Carmen Chaplin, Actor / Director
Charlie Scully, Anonymous Content
David Alan Basche, Producer / Actor
David Hinojosa, Killer Films
Denise Hewett, Scriptd
Frank Hall Green, Catch and Release Pictures
Heather Reynolds, One Entertainment
Jacob Robinson, Particular Pictures
Janet Grillo, Writer / Director
Jeff Wolk, Hawk House Productions
Kristen Konvitz Stay, Gold Features
Lanna Wang, OBB Pictures
Lawrence Mattis, Circle of Confusion
Mark Heyman, Writer
Matthew Hirschhorn, OBB Pictures
Michael Barlow, Writer / Producer
Michael Gottwald, Producer
Michael Taylor, Editor
Michael Weber, Writer
Naomi Foner, Writer
Rachel Chanoff, Sundance Screenwriters Lab
Ram Murali, Kinology
Riva Marker, Nine Stories Productions
Ron Eyal, Director
Ryan Kampe, Visit Films
Sara Nestor, Verve LA
Sarah Kelly, ICM
Scott Morgan, Clubhouse Pictures
Stacy Cochran, Letter E Films
Stany Coppet, Actor
Tom Heller, Catch and Release Pictures
Vincent Lin, Valiant Pictures
Zach Mandinach, IFP