Directed by Jun Sekiya

Type of Project: Fantasy
Length: 20:00
Producers: Sophia Huebschman (Lead), Jordan Rowe, Ryan Still, Cecilia Chan, Neil Thekdi
Editor: Jun Sekiya
Cinematographer: Isaac Berner
Sound Design: Nils Petersson  

A medieval knight searches for the Holy Grail in New York City, believing it will return him home to his time period. Convinced that the Grail is a woman he’s infatuated with, the knight must try and win her love to return home, or stay stranded in a time not his own.

 Jun Sekiya
Jun Sekiya


Jun Sekiya grew up in Yokohama, Japan, on “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the films of Hayao Miyazaki. He moved to New York City to study filmmaking at NYU and graduated in May of 2018.

In his time in New York, he's interned at companies like HBO, GKIDS, and most recently, started work as a creative assistant for Soman Chainani, the New York Times best-selling author of "The School for Good & Evil" fantasy series, with Book 1 soon to be a major motion picture.

In his spare time, Jun can be found in Washington Square Park dribbling a soccer-ball. He will freestyle for you on request, given a hot beat is provided.