Filmmakers U - Z


  • José Manuel Vélez

    José Manuel Vélez, Grad


    José Manuel was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, in a Catholic family. He studied Design, but kept his love for film close at heart. He worked for almost 10 years as a videographer, film title designer, and professor of design. He directed the documentary short "Bronces Inquietos" in Santiago, before moving to NYC to pursue his dream of filmmaking.

  • Christina Vislocky

    Christina Vislocky, Undergrad

    All The Things I Wish I Said

    Christina Vislocky is a recent graduate of the Film and Television program at New York University. Her short film "Stay" was accepted as a finalist in the New Visions and Voices Festival and received an honorable mention at NYU's Fusion Film Festival.



  • Alex Wiske

    Alex Wiske & Emilija Gasic, Grad

    Her & Him

    Alex Wiske is an award-winning filmmaker from New Haven, Connecticut. He won the top prize from the 2018 First Run Film Festival for producing Aquaculture. His short, Sheila, is currently in post-production, and he is developing Regicides, a limited series set in colonial New Haven.

  • Cheryl Wong

    Cheryl Wong, Grad

    Stigma, Style

    "Cheryl Wong is a Singaporean filmmaker currently based in New York City. She graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2013 where she majored in Communications and New Media and minored in Theatre Studies. She spent two years fencing full-time for Singapore, during which she served as the Captain of the women’s foil team.

  • Derrick Woodyard

    Derrick Woodyard, Grad

    Wali & Zuri

    As a visual artist Derrick's work stems from his early beginnings, learning to draw and interpret the world around him. He attended a creative and performing arts high school in Baltimore, Maryland where he was given the tools to expand his artistic talents. During this time Derrick developed an interest in film and would follow that path into undergrad.

  • Annalee Walton

    Annalee Walton, Undergrad

    Thistle Creek

    Annalee Walton is a writer/director from Texas based in Brooklyn. She graduated with a BFA in Film & Television Production at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and a minor in Cinema Studies. Forever nostalgic for her childhood, she is fascinated with tenderness unique to our childhood and how we can carry that into adulthood.

  • Katie	Whitmire

    Katie Whitmire, Undergrad

    Living With (Written by) Myself

    Katie Whitmire (she/her) is a New York-based filmmaker graduating in May from the Film and Television Production program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, with a minor in Business, Entertainment, Media and Technology from the NYU Stern School of Business. 



  • Fran Zayas

    Fran Zayas, Grad

    Let's Raid Area 51

    Writer/Director Fran Zayas grew up in the rainy mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico. At age 23, Fran moved to New York City to attend the Graduate Film program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he is currently a 3rd Year MFA Candidate and BAFTA BBC Diversity Scholar.