Filmmakers A - C


  • Hillia Aho

    Hillia Aho, Grad


    Hillia Aho is an artist and filmmaker, originally from Midcoast Maine, and currently splitting her time between Brooklyn, NY and Vancouver, Canada. She received her BA in Media Arts, with minors in Environmental Policy and Studio Art, from Occidental College, and was awarded distinction for her thesis film, Almira.

  • Blanche Akonchong

    Blanche Akonchong, Grad

    Mercury Afrograde

    Blanche Akonchong is a writer, director, and actress from Riverdale, GA. A first generation American, her parents immigrated to the U.S. in the early 90’s, from Cameroon, a country in West Africa. She studied Music Business at New York University’s Steinhardt, and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Music.

  • Lin Que Ayoung

    Lin Que Ayoung, Grad


    Lin Que is a writer/director/producer from New York City. She started her career as a Hip Hop Performer and Lyricist. After three major record deals, the growing misogyny and homophobia caused her to go back to school with the hope of transforming her verbal poetry into visual lyricism.

  • Julian Alvarez

    Julian Alvarez, Undergrad

    Techno Scrap

    Julian Alvarez is a filmmaker based in New York City. After finding himself as an apprentice to documentary photojournalists, Julian quickly developed a love for visual storytelling and enrolled in Tisch School of the Arts to further concentrate on narrative filmmaking. He continues to work full-time in production today.

  • Carmen Antón García

    Carmen Antón García, Undergrad

    Hijas Mías (Daughters of Mine)

    Carmen Antón García is a Spanish filmmaker born in Seattle. In addition to working as a writer/director, Carmen is experienced in a myriad of positions from assistant director to editor. She has worked on various short films and commercial projects in both Spain and the US.



  • Barnes Gregory.jpg

    Gregory Barnes, Grad

    The Touch of the Master’s Hand

    Gregory Barnes is a queer filmmaker and artist based in New York City and Los Angeles. Raised a faithful Mormon in Oak Park IL, his films have been greatly influenced by the comedic absurdity of exiting that strange jello-obsessed-desert-religion.

  • Ramzi Bashour

    Ramzi Bashour, Grad

    The Trees الأشجار

    Ramzi Bashour (1988) is a Syrian-American filmmaker and multimedia artist who grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. He’s worked in kitchens, on farms, in journalism, as a teacher, sound designer and videographer.

  • Alexander Bendo

    Alexander Bendo, Grad

    Rubber Gun Club

    Alexander Bendo is a New York City filmmaker currently enrolled as a Graduate Film Student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Since graduating from Boston College in 2017, where his senior year sci-fi short STATIC was awarded Top Prize at the university’s annual film festival equivalent.

  • More

    Joachim Besançon, Grad


    Born in Paris in 1995, Joachim quickly developed an unsatisfiable passion for films, which he thinks came as a sort of natural side effect of chronic boredom. At the age of twelve, he timidly tried his hand at directing with his mother’s mediocre camera and went on to direct a 32-minute mafia film with his two brothers and four friends, which he humbly called New York 1962.

  • Martin Blanco

    Martin Blanco, Undergrad

    In Passing

    "Martin Blanco is a Venezuelan director, cinematographer, and photographer fascinated by themes of identity, memory, and context, as well as how these ideas intersect and collide to define the present self.

  • Elegance Bratton

    Elegance Bratton


    Elegance began making films as a US Marine after a decade spent homeless. Today, he holds a BS from Columbia University (2014) and MFA from NYU Tisch Graduate Film (2019).



  • Leah	Chen Baker

    Leah Chen Baker, Grad

    Parent Trip

    Leah Chen Baker is a thesis student pursuing an MFA in film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a mom. Her writing and directing work has been awarded by AT&T, WIFTA and selected at Oscar-qualifying festivals.

  • Dante Capone

    Dante Capone, Undergrad

    Wolf Pup

    Dante Capone is a recent NYU Tisch graduate, currently employed as a production assistant on commercials and television shows in the New York area. His favorite films are Fingered, Pixote, and Querelle.

  • Austin Chen

    Austin Chen, Undergrad


    Austin Chen is a director, writer, and producer from Fort Lee, NJ. He has worked as a Junior Assistant at Scott Rudin Productions and has experience working for management companies like Untitled Entertainment and MANAGE-MENT.

  • DaeQuan Collier

    DaeQuan Collier

    Before I Let Go, Undergrad

    DaeQuan Collier is a filmmaker, born and raised in Bronx, New York. As an artist of color, DaeQuan believes that his identity is an indisputable part of his artistry that cannot be avoided in his work, and he strives to create work that properly illustrates their humanity.

  • Hannah Crane

    Hannah Crane, Undergrad

    Dori The Donor

    Hannah Crane is a filmmaker from Chicago. She currently works as a Script Assistant for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. She hopes to one day work for herself.