Tisch School of the Arts Day of Community

Monday, Oct 17, 2016

October 21st 2016 is Tisch School of the Arts Day of Community. So, show us YOUR community! Help us create an online group project on Instagram for Tisch Day of Community. What does that mean for us in UGFTV? Here’s how to contribute:

1) The prompt: "Show us your community here at UGFTV!"
Use video to show what it’s like to collaborate, serve and create here in the Film & TV department. The video needs to be 3 - 60 seconds for Instagram. It could be as simple as turning on your phone, speaking to the camera and uploading that. It could be a video shot with bigger cameras, that’s edited and more polished.  It could be a series of stills with voiceover, a music video, animation, a song or a poem. Whatever the form, show us what community means to you and your colleagues here at Tisch.

2) Prepare the video for Instagram: If you create a video on your phone, you can upload directly from there to Instagram. If you edit a video on your computer, you’ll have to output a compressed video file and send it to your phone to upload. Again the video must be 3-60 seconds. Below are video specs for Instagram:
30 fps max
1080 max width
H264 mp4
stereo AAC 128 kbps
15mb file size limit
You can do square 1:1, 16:9, 4:3 and vertical video

3) Upload and tag: Post your video to your own Instagram account and tag us in the description with the handles below so that we can find and compile your videos:

REQUIRED - Tag @nyutischfilmtv in the description
REQUIRED - use hashtags #tischfilmtv, #tischdayofcommunity
Optional hashtags - #community #collaboration #service #friendship

That’s it! We will collect links to your short IG videos and share them on the department’s social feeds as well as display them on our website and blog, Fast Forward.