The 2017 Richard Vague Film Production Fund Recipients

The 2017 Richard Vague Film Production Fund Recipients

  • Jianjie Lin

    Jianjie Lin

    The Son, Narrative Feature, Grad Film Tisch Asia, $50,000
    Jianjie Lin graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia. His short films have been screened at several international film festivals. A Berlinale Talents alumni, he is currently developing his first feature project.

  • Erin Sanger

    Erin Sanger

    The Coma Club, Documentary Feature, Undergrad Film & TV, $50,000
    Erin Sanger is a filmmaker based in NYC. Her film BOMBSHELL competed in the Student Academy Awards, and her short documentary THE NEXT PART won a Special Jury Prize at Tribeca Film Festival and Best Short Documentary at Austin Film Festival. Her most recent film MUTT premiered at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.

  • Joanna Jurewicz

    Joanna Jurewicz

    Sweet Home Tennessee, Narrative Feature, Grad Film, $50,000
    Joanna Jurewicz, born and raised in Poland, immigrated to the US at age 16. She graduated from NYU - Tisch Graduate Film School, and her thesis film "Goyta" premiered in Cannes in 2007, as well as aired on ARTE and TVKultura.

  • Katy Scoggin

    Katy Scoggin

    Dean's Award Recipient

    Flood, Documentary Feature, Grad Film, $25,000
    Katy Scoggin is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. She was a co-producer and camerawoman on Laura Poitras's CITIZENFOUR and Risk. She spent 2016 filming on the campaign trail for AJ Schnack. She's now in production on her first feature, Flood, a documentary about creationism, evolution, her father, and herself.

Graduate Film Department Finalists

Joanna Jurewicz – Sweet Home Tennessee Narrative Feature: Mother-daughter, daughter-mother. These identities blend as an immigrant mother tries to live her dream vicariously through her teenage daughter while the daughter steps unknowingly into the footsteps of her increasingly untethered mother.

Sarah-Rose Rossetti – I-80 West Narrative Feature: I-80 West is a cerebral post-apocalyptic road movie about two strangers who don’t see eye to eye on anything trying to make it across country to find their families.

Katy Scoggin – Flood Documentary Feature: Seeking reconciliation with her creationist dad, a woman drops the screenplay she’s written about him and dives into her movie. While filming, she digs up fossils and family secrets that forever change her image of herself, her dad, and the universe.

Undergraduate Film & TV Department Finalists

Katelyn Howes – Gone Daddy Gone Documentary Feature: Angela’s father was abducted and thrown into a Saudi Arabian prison because of her. Twenty-three years later she begins a fearless worldwide quest to find him—unraveling a series of stories to finally reveal the truth, ultimately leading her home.

Chloe Jury-Fogel – Cherry Narrative Feature: A young woman struggling with a fear of intimacy strikes up an intense friendship with her pregnant neighbor.

Erin Sanger – The Coma Club Documentary Feature: After their loved ones slip into comas from combat injuries sustained during the War on Terror, a group of women form a support group called "The Coma Club" and lean on each other in their families' unbelievable journeys toward finding a new normal.

Erica Tachoir – Scattering Jake Narrative Feature: A young widow dumps her deceitful husband's ashes down the sink in a fit of rage the night before a trip to scatter those ashes with his family and the woman who has his transplanted heart.

Tisch Asia Finalists

Jianjie Lin – The Son Narrative Feature: A high school boy’s privileged place as the only son of a middle-class nuclear family is put to test when he brings a mysterious new friend home to meet his parents.

Davide Pasti – Cretu Locatelli Documentary Feature: By following the life of two young refugees this documentary shows how this lost generation is surprisingly similar to the one that suffers chronic unemployment in western societies.

The Richard Vague Production Fund is an award of up to $100,000 given annually to recent alumni of Tisch's Undergraduate Film & TV Department, Graduate Film Program, Tisch Asia's Graduate Film Program, and/or current Graduate Film Students in support of their first feature film.

This year, the fund will accept applicants who graduated between January 2006 – January 2017 and current Grad Thesis students. The 2017 Richard Vague Production Fund will be the LAST year of expanded eligibility. If you graduated between January 2006 and December 2012 this is your last year to apply. Going forward, only those alumni who graduated in the previous five years will be eligible to apply. Thus, for the 2018 award, alumni who graduated between January 2013 and January 2018 will be eligible.