The 2016 Richard Vague Film Production Fund Recipients

The 2016 Richard Vague Film Production Fund Recipients

  • Nathanael Carton

    Fruits of Labor, Narrative Feature Grad Film Tisch Asia, $50,000
    Nathanael Carton is a French director born in Japan. His documentary work has won top honors at various festivals and was shortlisted for the Academy Awards. His latest short fiction, Suu and Uchikawa, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival (Cinéfondation).

  • Carlos Miller

    Between Sins, Narrative Feature, Grad Film NY, $50,000
    Carlos Miller is a filmmaker from Riviera Beach, Florida. When he’s not behind the camera, Carlos is active in the community mentoring troubled youth and taking part in his initiative to provide fresh showers to the homeless population. Currently, Carlos resides in South Florida where he is in the pre-production phase of his thesis film as an NYU graduate film student.

  • Virginia Mohler

    Radium Girls, Narrative Feature, Undergrad Film & TV, $50,000
    Virginia Mohler is a Brooklyn based writer, director and archival researcher with a passion for untold history. She earned her BFA in Film and Television from NYU, summa cum laude.

We're also happy to announce that Quester Hannah received the Deans' Award of $35,000 for his Documentary, Never Give Up Never Keep Silent

Graduate Film Department Finalists

Cenk Erturk – Noah Tree Narrative Feature: Villagers believe that Noah Tree was planted by prophet Noah and prayers said under it will come true. Ömer faces with villagers while trying to make his dying father’s last wish true by burying him under tree which his father claims he’d planted.

Carlos Miller – Between Sins Narrative Feature: Faced with the responsibilities of an ill mother and estranged daughter Coy searches for redemption for past sins while trying to avoid the pitfalls that could repeat them.

Kirsten Tan – Popeye Narrative Feature: A disenchanted architect bumps into his long- lost elephant on the streets of Bangkok. Excited, he takes his elephant on a journey across Thailand, in search of the farm where they grew up together - only to discover the truth about the life he left.

Undergraduate Film & TV Department Finalists

Patricia Gillespie – American MonsterDocumentary: When two bodies are found in Pazuzu Algarad’s backyard, the idyllic suburb of Clemmons, NC is forever changed. American Monster examines the community that created an “Islamic Satanist” boogeyman, and the boy who became their greatest nightmare.

Virginia Mohler – Radium Girls Narrative Feature: A mysterious illness propels working-class teenage sisters into a radical coming of age.

Fidel Ruiz-Healy – Rio Grande City Narrative Feature:  After an egomaniacal, small-town Sheriff’s ridiculous sting operation goes haywire, unwitting patsies Lloyd and Ruth Swink must outrun the cops and cartels hot on their trail across the Texas Borderlands with a bag of stolen money.

Tisch Asia Finalists

Nathanael Carton – Fruits of Labor Narrative Feature: The patriarch of a small and secluded farming community takes in new member, autistic like all the other workers. His quiet but absolute authority gets challenged when the recruit disrupts its fragile balance, threatening his life mission.

Quester Hannah – Never Give Up Never Keep SilentDocumentary: After escaping genocide in their home country, four Sudanese refugees pursue their dreams while struggling for asylum in Israel.

Samantha Nell  -- Coffin Dodgers Narrative Feature: A dark comedy about four septuagenarians who leave their old age home, but quickly discover that present-day South Africa has no use for these relics of an unsavoury past. On their journey they must confront their past and their future.

2015 Recipients: 

Abu Bakr Shawky (Grad NY Class of 2012) was awarded $75,000 for Yomeddine

James Darling (Undergrad Class of 2006) was awarded $75,000 for Where No Man Has Gone Before

Ellen Martinez & Steph Ching (Undergrad Class of 2012) were awarded $25,000 for After Spring

2015 Finalists:

Graduate Film Department Finalists
Abu Bakr Shawky – Yommedine
Laura Terruso – Big Babies
Megan “Stewart” Thorndike – The Stay

Undergraduate Film & TV Department Finalists
James Darling – Where No Man Has Gone Before
Ellen Martinez & Steph Ching – After Spring
Ema Yamazaki – Monkey Business: George’s Curious Creators

Tisch Asia Finalist
John Paul Su – Toto