The Art of Future Imagination

Dean Green’s office is launching a set of new initiatives geared toward focusing on our experiences as faculty over the past several months, assess our teaching, advising, and training of students, and plan for the future. There are three ways that faculty are invited to join in this effort:

Curricular Development Minigrants

Deadline: Friday July 24th, 2020 | 5:00pm EST

$1000 maximum award

What new courses, techniques, approaches, would you like to pilot in the coming year, based on what we’ve learned thus far about the likely future direction(s) of the arts?  Awards are available to full-time faculty to support the following types of projects:

  • proposals for new courses:
    • that contribute to the diversification of the school’s curriculum by focusing on under-represented artists and perspectives.  Preference will be given to proposals that substantially contribute to students’ exposure to a wide range of critical and creative perspectives and foster an inclusive approach to the subject matter.
    • that focus on training students in emerging, or evolving, forms of creative expression and creative research.  Preference will be given to proposals that enable students to adapt to the changing conditions of professional work they are facing / will face.

Of course, these categories of innovation are not mutually exclusive, and proposals may fall under either or both categories.

  • proposals for modifications to existing courses that will enable faculty to implement more inclusive and/or adaptive approaches.  As above, preference will be given to proposals that substantially contribute to students’ exposure to under-represented artists, experiences, or approaches; to new art/performance modes; and to inclusive practices of analysis and expression.

In each category, applications will require the endorsement of the Department Chair, with the understanding that if approved, a good faith effort will be made to offer the new or newly-revised course at the earliest opportunity.

Awardees will be notified by 5:00pm (EDT) Friday, August 7th, 2020. 

Applications for these curricular development minigrants require endorsement by the department chair.  Awards will be in the form of additional compensation and subject to taxation. 

Awardees will be expected to participate in a series of panel discussions hosted by the Office of Faculty on inclusive and adaptive teaching methods, beginning in the Fall 2020 semester; and following the first semester the course is offered, they will be expected to submit a short report (500-1000 words) reflecting on its implementation.

Anthology Project

Deadline: Monday, August 31st, 2020 | 5:00pm EST

We plan to publish a collection of faculty reflections on this moment and on the future(s) of the arts and arts pedagogies.  Essays, assemblages, manifestos – the genre of expression is flexible, but the focus of this publication is our varied experiences of this pivotal period in history, what they reveal about the exigencies of the current moment, and where and how we are moving forward as arts educators.  (Abstracts of 250-500 words, due Monday, August 31st, 2020, 5:00pm EST)

Archive Project

Deadline ongoing

We want to collect NOW everything that we will need for LATER study.  While we are poised at a pivotal moment, and we have all adapted so quickly, it is important that the resulting discoveries and innovations are documented.  The school is assembling an archive that collects our varied responses to the historic events of the past year – everything you are willing to share, that might provide a useful guide to future researchers seeking to understand how we navigated this time, transitioning from a pre-COVID world through imagination and invention.  The archive will serve as a resource for future creative and scholarly research projects by Tisch faculty and students.