September 28th, 1 - 2:30pm721 Broadway, 12th Floor, DCR

Lunchtime Teaching Workshop for New Faculty


October 24th, 1- 2:30pm721 Broadway, 12th Floor, DCR

Lunchtime Teaching Workshop - "Exploring Ways to Mitigate or Exacerbate Vulnerabilities in the Classroom" - facilitated by Erin Dunlevy and Cardozie Jones from the Center for Strategic Solutions

Given the power dynamics between professor and student, it is incumbent upon faculty members to be hyperaware of where they are situated in historical and contemporary oppressions based on their diverse and intersectional identities. Once they develop this awareness, they must enact pedagogies and classroom climates that manifest a commitment to understanding how who they are impacts how they teach, interact with, and engage young people. This session will afford faculty the space to consider how their course structure, instructional frameworks, content, and relationships mitigate or exacerbate student vulnerabilities.


November 1st, 4 - 5:30pm721 Broadway, Room 612

Pecha Kucha

Please join us for our first TSOA Faculty Pecha Kucha, co-hosted by the Office of Faculty and the Initiative for Creative Research.

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format — 20 slides x 20 seconds each.  It’s a lively and spontaneous way of presenting or learning about a project — a great way to learn more about colleagues and new creative/research going on.  If you’ve ever attended a PK event (or better yet, presented at one), you know what it’s like.  If you haven’t, and would like to know more, you can read about it and see examples here

Come hang out, share a snack and a glass of wine, and hear what amazingly cool things your colleagues are up to!

Presenters include Patricia Beaman (Dance), Naomi Clark (Game Center), Julianne Davis (GMTW), James Felder (Dramatic Writing), Allison Parrish (ITP), and Chris Chan Roberson (UGFTV).

Interested in presenting?  Please contact Linda Colarusso at 212-998-1592 or

View slides from the presentations here.

Photo of Allison Parrish

Allison Parrish

November 14th, 1 - 2:30pm721 Broadway, Room 612

Lunchtime Teaching Workshop - "IDBE (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Belonging) in the TSOA Classroom" facilitated by Erin Dunlevy and Cardozie Jones from the Center for Strategic Solutions

The second TSOA Lunchtime Teaching Workshop will focus on the specific pedagogical challenges that arise in the context of arts-related and art practice classrooms, with a particular focus on Belonging: how do we promote and create a diverse and inclusive classroom AND be mindful of the ways that some of our students might not feel welcomed?

Photo of Presenters: Julianne Davis, Gay Abel-Bey, Janet Grillo, Larry Maslon

Presenters Julianne Davis, Gay Abel-Bey, Janet Grillo, and Larry Maslon

December 5th, 1 - 2:30pm721 Broadway, 12th Floor, Dean's Conference Room

Lunchtime Teaching Workshop"Developing a Critical Consciousness" - facilitated by Erin Dunlevy and Cardozie Jones from the Center for Strategic Solutions

An inclusive, anti-bias culture creates the conditions for racially, culturally and linguistically diverse students, staff, and colleagues to be their authentic selves and thrive as members of the campus community.  In addition to exploring foundational concepts such as inclusivity, implicit bias, and stereotyping, this session will offer participants an opportunity to investigate the possibilities for confronting the infiltration of bias, misconception, and the inequities that can result, within their classrooms.