Tisch Faculty Council

The Tisch Faculty Council ("TFC") is the elected body representing the interests of the full-time faculty at Tisch School of the Arts ("TSOA").

The Council is composed of one elected representative from every department and lead by a Steering Committee of five representatives of varying contract types and levels and from each of the three institutes at TSOA.

The TFC reviews and make recommendations for strengthening shared governance policies and practices at the School and works to address concerns addressed to the TFC by faculty members. In carrying out its duties, the TFC strives to advance and operationalize policies and principles of shared governance that involve the collaborative participation by TSOA faculty in decisions and policies that affect their rights, responsibilities, and welfare at the School.


Current Members


  • Allen Lee Hughes, Associate Arts Professor, Design for Stage & Film (Alternate) 
  • Jessie Keyt, Assistant Arts Professor, Dramatic Writing
  • Matt Parker, Assistant Arts Professor, Game Design (Alternate)
  • Jane Fujita, Assistant Arts Professor, Graduate Acting (Alternate)
  • Amy Fox, Distinguished Teacher, Graduate Film
  • Mel Marvin, Arts Professor, Graduate Musical Theater Writing (Alternate)
  • Daniel Rozin, Arts Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program
  • Mimi Yin, Assistant Arts Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program (Alternate)
  • Fred Moten, Professor, Performance Studies (Alternate)
  • Paul Owen, Associate Professor, Photography and Imaging
  • Shelley Rice, Arts Professor, Photography and Imaging (Alternate)
  • Caran Hartsfield, Assistant Arts Professor, Undergraduate Film & Television (Alternate)

Meeting Minutes


Current Issues

  • Faculty Workload
  • Course Evaluations
  • Consultation on Tisch Bylaws and Arts Professor documents