Portfolio Requirements

In addition to the NYU Undergraduate Application, all applicants for the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing must submit a Dramatic Writing Portfolio Submission Packet.

This packet must include the following 3 items:

1. Cover Sheet

  • Name (Last, First, MI)
  • Date of Birth
  • Deadline (ED, Regular, Transfer***)
  • Program (Undergraduate)
  • Type of Writing Samples (script for television, play script, screenplay, short story, etc.)
  • Mailing Address Contact Telephone/Email

*** If Transfer, please include the name of your current college or university, or the name of your college or department at NYU or Tisch.

2. Statement of Purpose

Identify a work of film, television, or theater you’ve read or seen in the past year, which has had an impact on your identity as a dramatic writer. Tell us why. (500 words)

3. Writing Portfolio

Portfolio Requirements:

Submit 3-4 separate writing samples that together total at least 15 pages and that do not exceed 25 pages.  At least one of these samples MUST be a sample of dramatic writing (Screenplay, Stage Play, or Script for Television).  The other 2-3 samples may be, but are not limited to, additional dramatic writing samples, memoirs, short stories, fictional material, and adaptation based on fact.  Choose material that is dramatic and self-contained, with an inherent conflict, a strong protagonist, and a beginning, middle, and end. 

Unacceptable Submissions:

Do not submit: Co-written material (the work must be yours and yours alone), Poetry, Elevator Pieces (i.e., two people, total opposites, get stuck in an elevator), Journalism, or “writing prompts” from other colleges or universities.  Do not submit DVDs or CDs of any kind.    Please label all pages of the Statement of Purpose and Writing Portfolio with: Last Name, First Name of the applicant (i.e., Smith, Susan). 

How to Submit

Submit one electronic copy (.DOC, .DOCX or PDF file formats ONLY) of portfolio materials, including cover sheet, using the following link: http://tischddw.slideroom.com


Complete the rest of the steps on the admissions checklist

Important Deadlines for Fall 2020 Entrance (RECEIVED as electronic copies via Slideroom)

Early Decision I: November 1, 2019

Early Decision II: January 1, 2020

Regular Decision: January 1, 2020

Internal Transfer, Change of Major, & Double Major: March 1, 2020

External Transfer: April 1, 2020

In order to submit your dramatic writing portfolio via SlideRoom, you must first submit the Common Application. Please be aware that it may take a few days for the Common App to link up with your SlideRoom account.  We encourage you to submit all of your materials early so that your portfolio is received by the deadline.