Isabella J. Gutierrez

Isabella J Gutierrez

Logline: A group of recent college graduates take to touring the United States in a Bus- turned-RV to "find themselves," but their hard partying and fun trip take a turn when they meet a musician with a dark secret and more sinister sights for the leader of the crew.

Bio: Isabella had a passion for basically anything creative from a very young age. Born in Queens, New York, but grew up in North Carolina to Colombian parents, Isabella has been writing short stories since elementary school, and scripts since middle school. It was also around that time that she begun honing her craft for acting. Isabella came to NYU in 2013 to study Dramatic Writing at the Tisch School of the Arts, and managed to secure a Literature in Translation minor after traveling across Europe, improving her Spanish, and learning the French language. Her dream has always been to make an important impact on the industry, wanting to improve the accessibility to communities that may not have had access previously, as well as providing more accurate representation of varying cultures within her work. With a passion for social justice and a strong belief that representation in media can help change the world for the better, Isabella is open to writing any genre, and can do so in an array of mediums such as film, television, short stories, and novels. Her strengths lay in genres such as Drama, Thriller, Suspense, and even the elusive Magical Realism, which had a big influence in her Colombian heritage and on the world stage. Outside of her writing, Isabella enjoys life by dancing, singing, acting, reading, learning anything she can, and traveling to new destinations as often as possible. Now done with school, she is looking to head out west to Los Angeles with her fiancée and find her place in the entertainment industry, but currently lives on the quirky Roosevelt Island in New York City.