Annie Kwon

Other End

Written by: Annie Kwon

Genre: Drama Thriller


LOGLINE: After the disappearance of a local girl, Annabelle communicates with her future 30-year-old self via a mysterious typewriter in order to stop a serial killer from murdering a classmate, whom she has fallen in love with.


BIO: Growing up with an influential, nerdy-cool older brother, Annie became accustomed to deep Star Trek analyses, thematic video game discussions, and a vitamin-D deficiency due to reading many books and screenplays indoors. It was only natural for her to discover screenwriting at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts in Dramatic Writing, where she has fulfilled her fate of studying Screenwriting at the academic level. Annie currently resides in both Los Angeles and in New York to pursue a writing project and concept art career for video games and film.