Will Pfeffer

Times Trapped on Paper Hill

Will Pfeffer

GENRE: Drama (1907)

When the English professor William Duray arrives in Treadwell, Alaska, a company town built around America's demand for gold, to claim a plot of land his father left to him, he is met with disdain by virtually every local, including the town’s superintendent, Hollis M. Claxton, who uses hostility, and then violence, to sway William away from an investigation into his father’s death.

Will Pfeffer received his BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

It has been said by those who know Mr. Pfeffer, that his sensitively and appreciation for life’s most hidden, profound moments, and his capabilities of capturing them on the page, is exactly the breed of drama our world’s cinema needs. Yet in the same discussion, I’ve heard he has the temper of a wild boar, and that anyone who’d dare sign on to work with him might as well get it over with by jumping off of the nearest bridge.

But at least email him. He sounds terribly interesting. I wish he’d respond to my emails…