Rebecca Noble

Grey Matter

Becca Noble

GENRE: Horror

In a small Coastal town "a virus" makes everyone crave increasing sensation--everyone except those people that are differently wired and suffer depression, like Nicole, the town mortician's teen-aged daughter, who discovers the insidious creatures inside the infected and teams up with others like her to destroy the monsters amidst a raging bacchanal of death and destruction.

Becca Noble grew up in small town Truckee, California living off of John Carpenter movies and EC Comics. She was awarded the Tisch Scholarship for $12,000, the Tisch Eckhouse Scholarship for $10,000, and the Tisch Provost's Grant for $10,000 each year for her four year education. Her senior semesters were spent interning at The Howard Stern Show, working as a Special FX Makeup artist, and writing horror movies. She will graduate from NYU in May 2015 with a BFA in Dramatic Writing and a minor in Producing.