Nicholas A. Heathcote


Nicholas A. Heathcote

GENRE: Action Comedy

A lovable underachiever is forced to grow up when he is appointed assistant to the Vice President of the United States, and his best friend, Robo-Reagan, an anthropomorphic robot incarnation of Ronald Reagan.

Twenty-two-year-old seeks muscular, intelligent female, six-foot-four or taller. Oh wait, I thought this was my singles ad. Please disregard. 

My name is Nick and I’m from a mountain town in Arizona. I saved money and bought a camcorder when I was nine years old, and ever since I have been making short films. I attended the Tisch Department of Dramatic Writing summer program for high school students, which ultimately led to my decision to attend school there. I have finished my BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

In addition to Robo-Reagan, I have penned two other spec scripts: Crazy Animals is about an irrationally terrified teen having to deal with the roommate from hell; and, Survival Island is a found-footage comedy about a production assistant in a love triangle during the time of a doomed production of a reality show. 

My true passions in life are films and storytelling. I live and breathe comedy, but my affinities are eclectic.

I currently live and continue to write spec scripts in Portland, OR.