Prop Loan Information

What is Prop Loan?

Tisch’s Undergrad Prop Loan is an assortment of hand and furniture props for use in only department-sponsored and curricular productions throughout the academic year.

Spring 2021 Specific Guidelines

Unlike in the past, prop loan is not accessible to students for in person browsing for props this semester. Instead, a limited number of props can be reserved online and then picked up and returned at scheduled appointments. Prop loan rents props to NYU students free of charge.

An inventory of rentable hand props can be viewed here. Up to 10 small props and 4 pieces of furniture may be rented at one time. Please use this form to make an appointment to rent props.

Our furniture collection has not yet been fully catalogued online. If you want to rent furniture please complete the above form and we will be in touch. Please prepare reference images and/or a detailed description.

Where to find Prop Loan

Prop Loan is located in the sub-basement of 721 Broadway.  To get to the front desk of Prop Loan, head to the bottom of stairway G, which is located across from the basement vending machines and nearer the bathrooms. From the bottom of the stairs, take a right and head to the end of the hallway to a set of double doors. Prop Loan is inside.

Alternatively, come to the Scene Shop on the corner of Mercer and Waverly and ask someone who works in the Scene Shop. 

Prop Loan Hours of Operation – Spring 2021

To pick up or return prop loan items, you must have an appointment. Appointments must be scheduled 48 hours in advance and can be made during the following times: 

- Tuesdays: 4 - 6 PM
- Wednesdays: 5 - 9 PM
- Thursdays: 4 - 9 PM
- Sundays 1 - 7 PM

Closed on NYU University Holidays.  

Prop Loan Policies

  • There are two appointment types: pickup and return. All must be scheduled when making your appointment. If a change needs to be made to your appointments, it must be approved by Prop Loan Manager.

  • All appointments must be made 48 hours in advance. Please note that appointments scheduled after 6pm on Friday will be received and responded to on the following work day.

  • Prop Loan operates by appointment only. If you arrive without a scheduled appointment, you will be turned away and asked to go through the appropriate process of scheduling an appointment.

  • The borrower who submits the Appointment Form must also be present at the pickup and drop-off. They will also act as the primary contact for Loan employees and Prop Loan Manager.

  • No props may be painted or modified without permission of Prop Loan Manager.

  • Unless organized in advance by the Studio Head and Prop Loan Manager, props may not be rented for class projects, only studio productions.

  • When tagging, DO NOT remove tags from other productions without permission of a Prop Loan staff member.

  • When tagging, picking up, or returning, please keep objects out of the aisles. Items must be put away in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Do not return dirty props. When applicable, props should be washed and dried.

  • Please plan ahead for rain. If you are coming from an off-campus studio, please do not bring props to Loan without a tarp for protection.

  • Prop Loan will rent to Undergraduate and Graduate drama productions. Please do not ask to borrow for films, outside projects, or club productions.

  • Items rented for Graduate Drama productions must be scheduled through Ellie Bye or Ted Griffith.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a permanent ban from Prop Loan. 

Other Questions?