Costume Loan Information


Costume Loan is available throughout the regular academic year for Department sanctioned productions within or affiliated with the Tisch Department of Drama. The collection is monitored and maintained by members of the Costume Shop staff. There are a number of guidelines that have been implemented to protect the integrity and availability of costumes. Below please find the information that borrowers may need in order to access and properly utilize the resources offered by Costume Loan. 



  • NYU Tisch Undergraduate Drama Costume Loan is currently operating under limited hours Monday through Friday. Loan requests are pulled and digitized by loan staff, and shared with you via google drive for selection. You will make your selections via these photos, and come to the building only to pick up and return your items.
  • Please fill out this request form of up to ten items and email this completed document directly  to Please also send any relevant research or renderings.
  • Please bring a copy of the form with you to your pick up appointment.  Without a form signed by both you and your administrator, you will not be able to use Costume Loan.
  • The borrower who submits the Appointment Form must be present to pick up and return your items. Please note, access to NYU buildings is dependent on prior authorization to enter NYU buildings, and completion of the Daily Screener.
  • All appointment changes and/or cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • If you miss a confirmed appointment without notifying us, you may lose Loan Privileges for the academic year. If you arrive without a confirmed appointment, you will be turned away.
  • Loan Staff will perform limited edits on a case by case basis. Please reach out directly if you need to return and/or exchange specific items.
  • Anything returned to us after your first day of tech MUST be properly cleaned.
  • SHOES and other accessories are not provided in regular costume loan. Special permission may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please include this request in your initial email to


  • Costume Loan supports Undergraduate Drama and Graduate Acting & Design Productions ONLY.
  • Class projects cannot rent anything unless organized in advance by the Studio's Administrative Advisor and approved by us in advance.
  • Costume Loan is divided into "machine washable items" and "special care items" (i.e. dry-clean only and hand wash only). You are encouraged to keep this in mind when you rent from us as it will ultimately be your responsibility to make sure everything is cared for properly. You will receive detailed laundry instructions for each "special care" item you borrow at your appointment.
  • If you need jewelry, shoes or other accessories, you will need special approval prior to your appointment. You can make the request in the space provided at the bottom of the form.
  • We DO NOT rent out "skins" (i.e. bras, socks, tights, undershirts, underwear, etc.). No exceptions will be made.
  • Modification to borrowed items must be reversible or otherwise approved.
  • If you lose or damage any items, you may be subject to paying for the replacement value of the garment. Please keep this in mind especially when renting vintage, formal, period or built items.
  • Failure to comply with all rules and regulations will result in the loss of Costume Loan privileges.

Costume Loan is available to all current Undergraduate Drama students with a valid net ID, Tisch faculty and staff, associates, work study employees and a limited number of affiliated theaters.

Costumes will only be loaned for use in productions within the Tisch Department of Drama and its affiliated studios.

Current Graduate Design and Dramatic Writing students are eligible to borrow from Costume Loan only with departmental approval.

Approved borrowers may only use costumes in spaces at 721 Broadway, 111 Second Avenue, 890 Broadway and at other venues presenting a departmentally sponsored production. Any exceptions must be individually approved by a member of the Production Resource Office.

The Costume Director, Costume Shop Supervisor and Production Resource Office reserve the right to deny individuals access to costume loan at their sole discretion.