Tisch Drama Stageworks
"Times Square"

Times Square
A new musical

In Collaboration with The Civilians

Music & Lyrics by Jill Sobule and Robin Eaton
Book by Jim Lewis
Directed by Steve Cosson

Inspired by the film Times Square
Screenplay by Jacob Brackman
Story by Allan Moyle and Leanne Unger
and by Special Arrangement with Studiocanal

Steve Cosson & The Civilians are Tisch Drama's Spring 2018 Artists-in-Residence

Times Square is a new musical about two girls, Nicky and Pammy, who find courage, love, and rock and roll while on the run in the sleazy streets of the old Times Square. They meet, start a band, The Sleaze Sisters (Riot Grrrls before the concept existed), and eventually kiss, freak out, and kiss again. At a time when many non-conforming young people face tough challenges, Tisch Drama and The Civilians are excited to tell the story of two girls who save themselves through their own efforts—their songs, their bond, and their total refusal to back down.