IDBEA Commitments

Following the summer of 2020, Tisch specifically outlined commitments to address the historical gaps in support, communication, resources, and engagement with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). These efforts continue to grow and have shaped our thinking in the current development of our programming, practices, and approaches to learning.

Learning Opportunities

As a school dedicated to ongoing learning that believes in the strength of remaining curious, Tisch continues to offer opportunities to broaden thinking and further develop an understanding of inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility.

Community Building and Restorative Practices

Tisch believes in the importance of community building, collaboration, and connecting across differences of perspectives and experiences. We recognize that when harm or challenges occur we have a responsibility to restore and reconcile these moments within our community. We strive to do so in ways that reach the needs of the students, faculty, and staff.

Alignment to University Efforts and Partnering Offices

Tisch collaborates with a variety of offices throughout the School as we continue to embed IDBEA in all areas and departments. In addition to our partners across the school a critical component of this work is our alignment to the efforts established and being developed through the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation.

2020 Commitments that influenced our work with the Office of Student Affairs

Create a Black Student Council that will represent the concerns of students to school administration, serve as a resource for students of the Black diaspora, suggest and create school-wide programming ideas, and facilitate connections to NYU student organizations.

Create an Alliance of Color that will serve as the umbrella council for specific school-wide and departmental affinity groups such as the Black Artist Collective, Latinx Collective, LGBQT+ Collective, undocumented/DACA/Immigrant Students, All Asian Arts Alliance, The Collective, etc.

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2020 Commitments that influenced our work with the Office of Faculty and Human Resources

2020 Commitments that influenced our work with the Office of Faculty and Human Resource.

Accelerate ongoing comprehensive departmental reviews of all Tisch curriculum, encouraging faculty to re-examine their course objectives and to move beyond a white, Eurocentric canon. We will encourage faculty to include context and critique of bias when using traditional material in the canon.

Continue to advocate for greater diversity in our faculty and staff hiring, in our leadership appointments, and in our student body.

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2020 Commitments that influenced our work on the university level, including the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation

Partner with the NYU School of Global Public Health, for students and alumni to create health-related public service announcements in response to the health burdens of anti-Black racism in our country.

Expand fundraising from corporations, foundations, and individual donors to create scholarships for all students, with a priority as allowed by law, to help identify, recruit, enroll, and retain BIPOC students.

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Communications and Resources

As a part of our commitment to strengthen the dialogue on IDBEA values and programming, Tisch continues to invest in resources that support continued growth of our community. Communication touchpoints and resources have and will continue to expand.

2020 Commitments

2020 Commitments

Build an expanded library of work across disciplines, centering Black, Indigenous, International, and other Creators of Color, with content for students, faculty and staff to research, add to, and use in curriculum development and Tisch Action goals.

Develop and promote a website that aggregates all Tisch Actions: Against Racial Injustice resources across our school, university, and departments, with links to specific opportunities, events, and programs.

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Mentorship and Funding Support for Students

Tisch recognizes key gaps in support for students and alumni of color, both in mentorship and funding opportunities. The School has focused on increasing awareness of existing opportunities, while simultaneously building programs to provide more robust resources in this arena. Partnering with offices, such as the Office of Global Strategic Initiatives and Tisch Creative Research, Tisch offers a variety of programming in this arena.

2020 Commitments

Expand our mentoring and internship programs encouraging participation of current BIPOC students who wish to engage in social impact outreach projects into the local metropolitan community, with programs such as Tisch Future Artists, Urban Arts Partnership, Ghetto Film School, Kenan Fellows, and many other departmental outreach endeavors.

Increase awareness and programming funding for Institute based mentoring initiatives including the Kanbar Institute UGFTV FOCUS program, and Institute of Performing Arts mentorship program led by faculty and staff for undergraduate and graduate students of color.

Create a Black and Indigenous-focused alumni mentorship program, developed alongside our current alumni mentorship program and NYU Alumni Affinity Networks for all recent graduates and current students.

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