Translucent Borders

Photo from Translucent Borders.

Translucent Borders musicians and dancers from Ghana, Cuba, Palestine, Israel, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States, fresh from performances at the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and the Lincoln Center Atrium, will perform at New York University, showing the results of a  creative dialogue with each other over the past year.

These global collaborations will be presented  at the Jack Crystal Theater at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

How do music and dance defy borders?  

Translucent Borders is a project exploring ways that dancers and musicians reach across geographic and cultural borders. Beginning in refugee camps in Lesbos in 2016, Translucent Borders has facilitated global conversations between dancers and musicians in The Middle East, Greece, Cuba, and
Ghana through interviews, knowledge-sharing circles, master classes,
improvisation, and performance. The project is a Working Group of New York University’s Global Institute for Advanced Study.  

This evening’s program presents six short pieces conceived in dialogue across oceans via Skype, and developed in residency at The Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival earlier this week. Choreographers and musicians from six global points have come together for the first time, culminating in this presentation of six intercultural works-in-progress.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Donald Byrd (U.S.), Sahar Damoni (Palestine),  Sulley Imoro (Ghana), Dege Feder (Israel), James Martin (U.S.), Danys La Mora Perez (Cuba),
La Shaun Prescott (Trinidad and Tobago)


DANCERS: Meirigah Abubakari (Ghana), Donald Byrd (U.S.), Sahar Damoni (Palestine),
Alison Lehuanani DeFranco (U.S.), Dege Feder (Israel), Sulley Imoro (Ghana), 
Alexander La Rosa (U.S./Cuba), James Martin (U.S.),
La Shaun Prescott (Trinidad and Tobago), Patricia Beaman (US)


MUSICIANS: Meirigah Abubakari (Ghana), Marco and Angela Ambrosini (Italy),
Amal Murkus and Firas Zreik (Palestine), Francisco Mora Catlett (Cuba),
Yair Dalal (Israel), Muhammad Mugrabi and Neta Weiner (Israel), Valerie Naranjo (U.S.),
Andy Teirstein (U.S.) , Mariel Roberts (US - Cello)


Wednesday, June 27 @ Jacob's Pillow:

Thursday, June 28 @ Lincoln Center Atrium:

Friday, June 29 @ JCT Theater: