Tisch Dance Summer Residency Festival; Gibney Dance Company

Gibney Dance Company

Gibney Dance Company
May 28 - 31, 2019
Artistic Director: Gina Gibney

With an uncompromising focus on artistic excellence and social integrity, Gibney Dance Company (GDC) activates its dancers toward their full artistic, entrepreneurial, and socially-minded selves through rigorous physical, intellectual, and interpersonal practices.

GDC’s vision is to not only cultivate the next leaders of the field, but to also provide a concrete example of the wide-reaching relevancy of artists in our society. GDC supports our Artistic Associates with 52-week contracts, health insurance and paid vacations.

Any questions regarding Summer Residency, please contact:

Pamela Pietro

Director, Tisch Dance Summer Residency Festival 
111 2nd Avenue, between 6th and 7th street

3rd Floor

Tel: +1 212 998 1980

EMAIL: pp34@nyu.edu