TDH/BIDE Barcelona Summer Residency Program Audition

Students participating in the BIDE program

Second Avenue Dance Director, Giada Ferrone is the Creative Director for Toscana Dance Hub. TDH is proud to collaborate with Barcelona International Dance Exchange (BIDE) and Music HUB on a new dance and music residency program at La Caldera Studios. The program is open to dancers interested in exploring new approaches to creative practice and performance by challenging their respective voices with curiosity and delving into the many intersections with live music.  

About TDH 

Toscana Dance Hub is a multi-layered platform serving as a training, performing, and producing entity led by a group of international art makers (dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers. TDH has been facilitating the artistic exchange between Europe, the U.S., South America and the Middle East by curating dance residencies, performances, and conferences with international choreographers. 

TDH is about dance and music education focused on international exchange in a spirit of experimentation and innovation. It is about investigating our limits and sharing our talents. We are a company that believes in inclusion, the importance of human capital, the right to belong and find fulfilment. We promote and organize cultural initiatives that spread positive messages through dance and music, and that nurture our respectful relationships with the environment and to each other, celebrating the differences in our voices and finding a common human denominator.

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BIDE is an organization based in Barcelona, that provides services for creative exchange and networking between performing arts professionals worldwide, through a unique tool called B>Lab. 

BIDE promotes the constructive dialogue between different models, ideologies, and realities through horizontal dynamics of participation.

The aim of BIDE is to facilitate the chance for dance artists and cultural managers of different ages, cultural background, and experience for an experiment, share ideas, create and collaborate in a non-hierarchical way.

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TDH/BIDE Residency Barcelona 2020

TDH/BIDE Residency Barcelona 2020