Tisch Dance Summer Residency Student Showcase

The students of the NYU Tisch Dance Summer Residency present their own choreography. Free and open to the public!


In the Pocket

Choreography & Performance: Sophie Allen

Music: Aretha Franklin / Otis Redding, “You Send Me” 

Lighting: Michael Cunningham 


angels in MY head (these hands of MINE)

Choreography & Performance: Morgan Amirah Burns

Music: Dean Blunt, “MOLLY & AQUAFINA”

Lighting: Michael Cunningham



Choreography & Performance: Sarah Lutzky

Music: “I adore you” by Molly Burch 

Lighting: Michael Cunningham


Blisters and Brawls

Choreographer: John Trunfio

Performer: Troy Kelley 

Music: John Trunfio, Soundscape 1: Poetry/Words written by John Trunfio, Spoken by Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes and Taína Lyons 

Lighting: Michael Cunningham


Alleyne Dance & the group

Performers: Prunelle Bry, Samuli Emery, Alex Tesch

Music: Unknown

A rephrasing of excepts from Alleyne Dance’s newest piece

Lighting: Michael Cunningham


In  P a s s i n g - in dedication of Minnoş

Text, Choreography & Performance: Maxine Flasher-Düzgünesş

Music: “Excuses” by The M  orning Benders, “Clock Gears” by Mike Wall

Lighting: Michael Cunningham


Places in the Heart

Choreography & Performance: Isaac Spector

Music: “Sally Field winning an Oscar®”

Lighting: Michael Cunningham