Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance June 2018 Season

Cherylyn Lavignino Dance

CLD Summer Season 2018 Includes:

Kamila (2017) is inspired by the poetry and music of Leoš Janáček’s song cycle, The Diary of One Who Disappeared.   The poems describe a young farmer’s infatuation with a mysterious gypsy.  Janáček had a long-term fascination with a young woman named Kamila Stösslova.  His unfulfilled desire for Kamila generated the emotional intent for the character of the gypsy. Lavagnino’s interpretation plays with the connection between Kamila and the Gypsy as we travel through the song cycle and it’s story of the young farmer’s obsession with the beguiling sensual gypsy.  Janáček lives vicariously through the character of the farmer.

Veiled (2016), a work for a female cast of six, explores the idea of preserving physical and internal grace in the face of oppression. Martin Bresnick’s, suspenseful score creates a mood that the dancers embody, referencing the plight of Islamic women.

Summertime (2017) is a duet inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting summer-evening, set to Janis Joplin’s recording of George Gershwin’s Summertime.

RU (2014) inspired by a novel of the same name and written by Kim Thúy, describes a young woman’s life as a post-Vietnam War political refugee.  The dancers, in costumes reminiscent of the traditional Vietnamese áo dài dress, move inside composer Scott Killian’s shadowy landscape, their movement suggestive of contrasts between struggle and grace, stoicism and despair.