Undergraduate Application Requirements

Admission is limited to full-time students beginning in September only.

A student matriculating in the Tisch School of the Arts must be admitted at two levels: as a student within a department of specialization or major, and as a student of New York University. Admission standards that pertain to the University in general can be found on the NYU Undergraduate Admissions page and should be read in conjunction with the department's standards.

An undergraduate candidate in dance must submit an NYU Common Application.  

How to Schedule an Audition

1. Undergraduates must apply via Common Application. After the application is submitted, NYU Undergraduate Admissions will send you an email with a link to upload your preferred audition date.  

Audition Information

An audition is required for the Department of Dance. The audition consists of a condensed class in ballet technique (ballet barre and adagio) and contemporary combinations, lasting approximately
1-1/2 hours. If the dancer passes the first part of the audition, they will be asked to perform a short (no longer than 3 minutes) solo dance they have learned or choreographed—something they enjoy doing. Music used for solos can be played from an iPod, iPhone (iPhone 7 bring headset adapter) or MP3 player with a CD as a backup; we will provide the system player. Please remove your passcode before the audition.

A personal interview follows the solo performance.

As we need to be able to see applicants' bodies in order to realistically evaluate technical level and physical potential, we ask that applicants wear clothing that does not obscure body lines. Everyone should bring regular ballet shoes; pointe shoes are only necessary if the applicant intends to do a solo en pointe.

Auditions will be held in New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. After submitting the NYU Common Application, Undergraduate Admissions will send you a link to schedule your audition. Audition slots are limited. We strongly recommend applicants submit their application no later than December 15th if they intend on auditioning in Chicago or Los Angeles.

NYC Audition Location:
111 Second Avenue
Between East 6th and 7th Street 
NY, NY 10003

Be sure to bring the following items to the audition:

  1. Proper clothing and music for the solo (please read above).
  2. A full-length body photograph in dancewear, no specific pose required, preferably 8" x 10". Please have your name on the back of all materials.
  3. A detailed résumé listing prior dance experience, including types of training, names of teachers and schools, years studied, and the numbers of lessons per week (attached to the back of the photograph or on a separate sheet).
  4. Because you will be taking the above to the audition, applicants should not send a résumé to the Office of Admissions.

Digital Audition Policy

Digital Auditions will only be accepted from International students and Graduate applicants who are on tour professionally.

Such applicants must obtain permission from the department in order to submit their digital files. Please contact Elizabeth Chen at ec1024@nyu.edu or 212.998.1984.

Undergraduate Students who obtain permission need to be Regular Decision Candidates only.  ED1 and ED2 applicants cannot submit a digital application. 

Application Deadline: January 1st
Notification of admissions action: beginning April 1st
Candidate's intent to register Reply Date: by May 1st

Some candidates may be placed on a waiting list for admission and will be notified of a decision after admitted applicants have submitted their decisions.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please call the Dance Office at 212-998-1984.

Advanced Standing, Transfer Credit, and Advanced Placement for Undergraduates

Transfer credit for advanced standing may be accepted for a limited number of academic courses. The final grade must be C or better and it must have been taken at an accredited college or university; such credit may be applied toward requirements on a course-for-course basis. Credit in the liberal arts areas (e.g., social sciences, natural sciences, humanities) will be accepted in accordance with University guidelines for acceptable transfer credit.  Transfer credit will usually not be accepted for courses taken elsewhere in the candidate's field of professional training.

For transfer students, the maximum amount of transfer credit normally accepted is 32 points of general education; exceptions to this may be made only at the discretion of the Chair of the Department of Dance. For Advanced Placement, credit is awarded on a course-by course basis, though no credit is granted for dance related courses.


NYU does not grant deferrals to students admitted to the Department of Dance in the Tisch School of the Arts. If you do not choose to enroll for semester to which you were accepted, you will need to re-apply and re-audition for the following fall semester. Admitted students who update their application are, however,
not guaranteed readmission to Tisch Dance for the next year. 

  • You may update your Common Application by contacting
    Jennie Lee, Assistant Director of Operations,
    at Jennie.Lee@nyu.edu.
  • You do not need to resubmit official final standardized test scores; however, final results will be required if you initially applied with predicted examination results. 
  • A school official should submit a final high school transcript. 
  • Additional teacher or instructor evaluations are not necessary.
  • Students should provide a brief update about how they plan to spend their time away from NYU. 
  • Students will also need to re-audition. Details regarding the audition are updated each summer, and available online by early September.


Application Type Application Deadline Notification Date
    December 15
    February 15