Tisch Tech Guide to Teleworking

Last Published: March 12, 2020

Most, if not all, of the services you access via NYU Home or www.nyu.edu will function normally from a remote location, as long as you have an active internet connection and a valid NetID and password.

A few NYU services and software require a VPN connection and/or unique network access from a laptop or an off-campus location. If you think you may need special access, talk to your supervisor, local school, or unit IT support staff.

Asking for Help

Who do you normally contact for technical support? Continue to go to that person for advice. For additional assistance, you can always write or call Tisch IT: AskTischIT@nyu.edu or (212) 992-8452.

If you have additional concerns, you can always write to tisch@nyu.edu.

Tools We All Need

NYU Home

Visit home.nyu.edu. Use your netid and password to access all of these tools. If you don’t know your password or need to reset your password, contact NYU IT at AskIT@nyu.edu or call 212-998-3333.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is required when logging into NYU’s online services. You’ll need your NetID and password to login. Ensure you are able to access MFA via push notification, phone call, or Duo passcode. (Duo Mobile App recommended.)

Video and Audio Conferencing (Zoom)

NYU Zoom is used for online meetings and collaborations. A speaker and microphone are required, and a web camera is preferred. Zoom is installed on all NYU-owned laptops. For your personally owned computers, please refer to the NYU download link with an installation instruction.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing students or employees can request captions for live sessions through either the Moses Center (for students) or the Office of Equal Opportunity (for employees). Either office can initiate the formal process of securing a CART (caption) provider to develop live captions to scroll across the feed. These are NYU's Digital Accessibility guidelines for best practices for captioning.

NYU Marketing Communications, University Relations and Public Affairs have provided downloadable hold screens for Zoom meetings.

Guidance on Technical Equipment

NYU IT, in collaboration with NYU Procurement and technology leaders across the University, establishes and maintains a set of recommendations for technical equipment for the community. This equipment is intended to provide a great user experience at a reasonable price. Some items are subject to availability. Please check this page periodically as standards or recommendations may change.

Video Tutorials


Your professors will communicate with you about how your classes will be conducted. Please check your NYU email address frequently for updates. To accss Adobe Creative Cloud, follow this instruction. You can also visit the NYU IT Returns website for useful tech resources.


NYU Teaching and Learning launched a new Teaching Support for Fall 2020 website for faculty. You can also visit the NYU IT Returns website for useful tech resources.


NYU IT prepared the NYU tech guide to teleworking.

Manage Phone Calls

Access to your office telephone remains important. You will use Jabber to manage your incoming and outgoing phone calls via your computers/mobile phones. Your initial login name is YourNetID@jabber.nyu.edu.

If you have a front desk phone and want to receive forwarded calls from the front desk, first make sure you can currently receive these calls on your office phone through a bridge function. This will allow you to receive calls via Jabber. If not, you need to contact AskTischIT@nyu.edu to add the bridge function to your office phone.

Although it is convenient to check your voicemails via Jabber, you can always check your voicemails on your office phone by using your home/mobile phones. Dial (212) 995-4901, then your five digit extension x-xxxx and “#”, followed by your PIN and “#”.

More Support Resources

NYU is here to help! Check with your supervisor, local school or unit IT staff, or Telework Enablement Officer about any questions you have, or explore these other helpful resources:

Tisch Web Publishing, Web Applications, and Access to File Sharing

Some employees will need the following instructions.

If you need futher assistance, please contact tisch@nyu.edu.