Policies & Procedures

In addition to NYU IT policies and procedures and Web policies and procedures, Tisch Communications and Information Technology (CIT) maintains local IT policies and procedures with regard to the use and security of its computer systems, networks, and information resources in Tisch School of the Arts.

All Tisch faculty and staff must work in an ethical and respectful manner under these policies and procedures. In particular, please review the Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers & Data

It is your responsibility as an NYU community member to be aware of these IT policies and procedures and the consequences of violation, regardless of whether you have actually read them.

Information Technology

Data and System Security Measures

Data and System Security Measures apply to anyone who accesses, uses, or controls University computer and data resources, including, but not limited to faculty, administrators, staff, students, those working on behalf of the University, guests, tenants, contractors, consultants, visitors and/or individuals authorized by affiliated institutions and organizations.

Code of Conduct: IT

The Code of Conduct: IT@NYU applies to all covered individuals, including student employees, as well as to all others who work in information technology and related areas at NYU as contractors, temporary staff, visitors, or in any other capacity, on a full-time or part-time basis; it does not form a contract. Failure on anyone’s part to comply with these standards may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, as well as referral, as appropriate, to authorities for legal action. NYU IT reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct: IT@NYU at any time and without notice, in its sole, good faith, discretion.

Logo Usage

Student Work

We don't release the logo for student work simply because Tisch students own their work. From time to time, the dean may ask a student for permission to include the logo on a particular project. 

Clubs & Organizations

The student clubs and organizations are a huge part of the heart and soul of the school. We work in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs to approve all use of the logos for the clubs and organizations.