Resources for Faculty

NYU offers many tools to help faculty enhance courses with technologies to engage today's students. Consider adding instructional videos to your courses or adding new interactive features to your class website. 

Technology Services

NYU WP (Web Publishing)

WordPress Blogs and Websites

Web Publishing, powered by WordPress, helps you create a website or a blog for your unique use case in an easy and secure environment. 


NYU Classes

Learning Management System (LMS)

NYU Classes enables NYU faculty to use web-based collaborative and assessment technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience. NYU Classes is powered by Sakai, a highly customizable and open source LMS.


NYU Stream

Online Video Service

NYU Stream provides the NYU community with a wealth of media tools that facilitate collaborative communications, content sharing, as well as a repository to store your audio, video, and images files.

NYU Stream is a great way to share media via NYU Classes (faculty only), NYU Wikis, Web Publishing, Google Sites, as well as any other website that you have publishing rights.


Instructional Video Modules

video vignettes to support teaching and learning

The Digital Studio provides instructional media and technology specialists to assist instructors through the content creation process and application of video vignettes (around 3-5 minutes) to support teaching and learning.


NYU Hosting

flexible web hosting environment

A more DIY option for customizable WordPress, Scalar, Omeika CMS and other software.

Video Conversion

make videos viewable online

Convert DVDs or Blu-ray discs to online videos or videos playable on a classroom computer. Pull excerpts from videos and make them easily viewable  for your students.

To learn more about how use new technologies in a course visit the Tech Training Lab during office hours 4-5PM Tuesdays or by appointment.


Digital Studio

media services

The Digital Studio, located in Bobst Library on the 5th Floor (south), is a dedicated space for media arts for NYU faculty, students, and staff.