Help Desk

Tisch IT provides technical assistance for faculty, staff and administrators from Tisch School of the Arts.


  • For Tisch faculty, staff and student employees, contact us at (preferred) or (212) 992-8452. 

  • For students, contact NYU IT at or (212) 998-3333. Film & TV students can receive additional support from Kanbar FTV Production as applicable. For Adobe Creative Cloud, please reach out to your department.

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

  • Closed during University holidays

Your Responsibilities

  • Must be a faculty, staff or student employee of Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Provide detailed description of the issue, including screenshots, error messages, etc.

  • Include any personal contact information e.g. NYU NetID/Email, phone number, etc. 

  • Respond to service desk communication within 2 business days to prevent ticket closure.

  • Adhere by all of New York University's Information Technology policies and guidelines.

  • Consult us prior to purchasing any new hardware or software, as some are unsupported.

  • Abide by Tisch IT macOS Support Policy if using a Mac computer to receive full support.  

  • Maintain professional conduct when interacting with Service Desk staff.

Service Desk responsibilities

  • Email requests or voicemails received during business hours will be responded within 2 hours.

  • Email requests or voicemails received after business hours will be responded by 11am next day.

  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving hardware and software problems and issues.

  • Proper configuration of Tisch computers, printers, and installation of supported software.

  • Addressing compromised computers from use and elevating issues to NYU IT Security.

Desktop Support

  • NYU purchased computers, printers, including those purchased by research funds even if the item is cost-shared with the faculty member's personal funds. All NYU purchased computer software and hardware remain the property of NYU.

  • Personal devices, including personally purchased computers, are out of our support. Individuals should contact the respective software providers and manufacturers for related issues.

  • Tisch IT will provide off-campus support using remote tools to troubleshoot issues, but cannot guarantee the same level of support as onsite. 

  • We do not support computers that have been partitioned with multiple operating systems, regardless of hardware and operating systems involved.

  • We do not manage mobile devices e.g. iPad, tablets, phones, etc. For NYU-purchased mobile devices, follow NYU IT security settings for iOS and Android.

  • When replacing a computer, the user is expected to upload their files to NYU Box, NYU Drive or to an external drive for use on the new computer. 

  • Printer support is limited to computer-printer connection either via USB or network, and basic troubleshooting. We do not handle ink toner replacements. For Lanier Printers, department owners can contact TGI support, providing the TGI Label ID# from the printer, to request service (e.g. toner replacement, hardware malfunction, etc.). 

Software Support

  • Tisch IT installs, manages and updates the following software on NYU computers: Adobe Creative Cloud, Box Drive, Cisco Jabber, Cisco AnyConnect (NYU VPN), Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Symantec Endpoint Protection and Zoom.

  • Tisch IT recommends never to upgrade to the newest OS available per our macOS Support Policy, to avoid software/OS compatibility issues, in which case we can only provide limited support.

Computer Maintenance

  • Tisch IT notifies department technical staff via email one week before a weekend maintenance to avoid conflicts during weekend events.

  • Tisch IT informs community members via email one day before a weekend maintenance, instructing computers to be left powered on to receive specified updates.

  • Tisch IT tests software updates prior to maintenance, however, in light of rising issues, we will address them within the following week and provide an update to department tech liaisons for solutions and/or workarounds.