Rochelle Miller

PhD Candidate

PhD candidate Rochelle Miller


Title: Hollywood's Ballyhoo Boys and Girls: Movie Promotional Strategies of the Studio-Era

Supervisor: Dana Polan

My dissertation asserts that Hollywood movie marketing campaigns of the studio-era proved key to the articulation of film culture in the US. My research focuses on specific movie promotional strategies executed between the years 1930 to 1948. Using archival sources, I read several movies alongside their national campaigns to reveal the complex nexus and changing interrelationships between local exhibitors, press agents, distribution exchanges, and the studios’ East and West Coast publicity departments. I also show how the films' narratives become allegories of their own commercializing practices.


In England, I worked for several years in the entertainment industry before moving to the US and obtaining degrees in American literature and film from UC Irvine, Fordham, and NYU.

I have taught undergraduate courses at NYU, Seton Hall, and Brooklyn College. While I enjoy teaching a wide range of film classes, I am most interested in designing courses that address media industry branding. These courses concentrate on the distinctive aesthetics, narratives, and business practices of a singular contemporary media corporation such as Disney, HBO, the BBC...etc.

I have published chapters in the anthologies Gender and Heroism (Rowman and Littlefield, 2014) and Selling Sex on Screen (Palgrave Macmillian, 2015)