Lukas Brasiskis

PhD Candidate

Lukas Brasiskis


Title: Between Two Regimes of Historicity: Materiality and Chronotopes of Memory in Post-Soviet Eastern European Films and Video Art

Supervisor: Antonia Lant

In my dissertation I hypothesize that an emphasis on material constituents of a cinematic chronotope enables us to re-examine and re-consider historical and mnemonic changes in Eastern Europe as they are represented on screen. Instead of focusing on representations of dominant historical narratives, in my research I pay attention to roles images of material and non-human agents play in fiction, non-fiction and experimental films produced in the period of the Soviet-to-post-Soviet transition.


Lukas Brasiskis is a PhD Candidate at New York University in the Department of Cinema Studies, where he is writing a doctoral dissertation on spatial and material constituents of post-Soviet films of the 1990s and the 2000s. Additionally, in his papers and courses taught Brasiskis examines various aspects of contemporary Eastern European and World cinema, works on cinematic forms of reenactment and archival appropriation and their implications for screen memories, researches the history of (re)presentation of the non-human in film, as well as explores intersections of philosophy, cinema and contemporary art.

He has book chapters in Film and Philosophy (Vilnius University Press, 2013, ISBN 978-609-459-228-7) and A Short Film History. From 1940’s till Nowadays (VKS Press, 2013), and his articles were published in a few peer-reviewed journals.

Brasiskis has also contributed many essays and film reviews to film journals (he regularly writes for Lithuanian quarterly journal Cinema), as well as curated a number of film programs and events (e.g., a film program Human, Machine, Material (with Leo Goldsmith), a retrospective of films by Nathaniel Dorsky, among others).