Kartik Nair

PhD Candidate

Kartik Nair


Title: The Bombay Horror Film (1977–1992): Genre Pictures, Media Infrastructures and Global Popular Culture in 1980s’ India

Supervisor: Richard Allen

My dissertation ‘The Bombay Horror Film’ is about the production, regulation, and exhibition of low-budget horror films made in the Bombay film industry between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. I argue that these films, long dismissed by critics and scholars as ‘bad copies’ of American horror, constitute a unique genre I name ‘Bombay Horror’. Funded by grants from the American Institute for Indian Studies, the Council for Media and Culture and the Graduate Research Initiative at NYU, the dissertation maps the material conditions of film craft, censorship and circulation surrounding Bombay Horror.


Kartik Nair is a PhD Candidate (ABD) in Cinema Studies at New York University. His dissertation is the about the production, circulation and regulation of low-budget horror films in 1980s' India. Kartik's research interests include visual and material culture, South Asian cinema, and transnational film history. An Associate Editor for Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies, he has published articles on minor genre cinemas, the practices of film censorship and the visual articulation of disaster in post-9/11 Hollywood. At NYU, Kartik has taught classes on special effects in film and global horror cinema.