Seen & Unseen: life in and around Washington Square Park by Sheril Antonio

NYU Grad Under WSQ Arch

“Land Acknowledgements” are one of the good changes to have come about during these recent turbulent times. Institutions now make statements about their location that are described as “an honest and historically accurate way to recognize the traditional First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit territories of a place.”

There are, in addition, many additional histories of any given place. Histories of other peoples who lived and may have been buried there.  One such place we can examine is Washington Square Park, an integral part of the Tisch/New York Universitys campus and history.

This set of images are Dr. Antonio's attempt at rendering the seen and unseen life of a place she has come to know throughout her years in college at NYU/Tisch and during her professional career at the university. It is a personal story, as well as a professional story. It is a story using original photography, personal archives, and research. 

NYU Commencement Washington Square

NYU Commencement Washington Square

Seen & Unseen: Life In and Around Washington Square Park opens on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM in the Department of Art & Public Policy, 715 Broadway, 12th Floor. The images will be on display through Friday, October 22, 2021.