Xinyan Du

Xinyan Du

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

BA Communication, University of Colorado Denver

Xinyan was born and raised in Beijing, China. Arts have been a significant part of Xinyan's life ever since she was a kid. She studied drawing for almost seven years, which provided her with an understanding of what art is. She finished her Bachelor Degree in Communication at University of Colorado Denver, where she also minored in Economics and International Studies.

In her four-year-study of communication, she learned not only the skills to communicate with people, but also the capacity to see the world from a humane angle. Xinyan actively engaged in a lot of activities like CommUnity Days, which provided students a stage to show their art works from their classes. Xinyan has made a documentary video about Jing Embroidery. She also created posters for Adopt Shop which focused on protecting stray dogs.

In the summer of 2016, Xinyan had an internship at Vogue China which provided her with an understanding of how fashion industry worked and also how fashion, as a special type of art enacted with the society.