Siyue Wang

Siyue Wang

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

BA Theater Arts, Stony Brook University 

Siyue was born and raised in Chengdu, China. She is extremely interested in different arts forms, such as theater, music, dance, drawing, and sculpture, etc. Her past experiences in many on-campus dramas as different roles like director, actor, sound designer, and post production staff, etc. have testified her enthusiasm for art.

Moreover, she is actively engaged in various activities to apply theories she learned into practice, such as working at professional organization Staller Center at Stony Brook University, Performing Arts Center of Shanghai Theater Academy (STA), and Wuhan Province Performance Co., Ltd.

“Artists are just like scientists.” They witness the revolution of the society and bring positive changes to people’s lives. Her goal is to become a cultural ambassador to capture all the possible resources to balance the relation between pure arts and commercial in order to inspire more people with the charm of arts and the power of arts.

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

I believe the program will assist me in achieving my goal as a cultural ambassador by providing me with intensive training and rich resources. In the past, white people decided black people’s life; man control’s woman’s freedom; heterosexual determines homosexual’s happiness. Art would record the civilization of human beings, expose scandals of the society, and promote the goodness of the world, etc. Most importantly, it could directly point out the existing problems or just dropped a few hints for us to comprehend on our own. It encourages people to stand up and fight against the prejudice, discrimination and unfairness. I hope to further explore arts during graduate study, to meet more distinguished artists, to broad my horizons, to promote cultural diversity and tolerance, etc.