Matt Ahl

Matt Ahl headshot wearing pink t-shirt, with brown hair, light beard and sunglasses atop the head

MA Arts Politics Class of 2022

BFA Film & Television, NYU Tisch School of the Arts


Hi! I'm a filmmaker based in Brooklyn with my husband (also a filmmaker) and our adorable dog (not a filmmaker). I was born & raised out on Long Island and I attended NYU's film program for undergrad. Since graduating back in 2012, I've been working on-and-off as a freelancer in the industry doing both production and post-production work. I also worked for a couple of years at NYUAD as a Technical Instructor for their film program. That was a formative and fascinating experience that ultimately brought me back to NYU in New  York where I now am employed as the Insurance & Risk Analyst for the film program here (I am attending APP part-time). I still maintain my connections to the film world and I often do editing work in my spare time. And of course: I always have my sights set on my own passion projects. One of these days I hope to actually complete one of them! Other than that: I love to make people laugh, and I enjoy making new friends and developing strong connections. I generally like to keep things light and silly, but I also know how to get down to business. Looking forward to the program and getting to know everyone!

What Drew you to the M.A. in Arts Politics?

I've always been fascinated by film as an art form and as I've grow II've found that fascination intersects more and more with activism and fighting for human rights & environmental justice. The M.A. in Arts Politics is the perfect place to explore and expand upon the ways my art will serve the issues that I care about most. I look forward to engaging with the coursework and collaborating with my fellow students. Together, I think we can build a better world for ourselves and our children, and I think a large part of that starts with creating and sharing art that empowers and inspires us. I have high hopes and expectations that this program will cultivate a newfound confidence and dedication to my goals while equipping me with new tools to engage with the world through art.