Logan Myles Stacer

Logan Myles Stacer headshot

MA Arts Politics Class of 2019

BS Communication Studies, Kansas State University 

Graduating from Kansas State University with a BS in Communication Studies, a minor in Leadership Studies, a certificate in Nonviolence Studies and Social Movements, and driven by a passion for social change and performance, Logan finds himself at NYU excited to receive direction on making the most of his diverse skill set.

As an academic, Logan’s interests broadly include rhetorics of race, sexuality, religion, and public culture. He has conducted funded undergraduate research in Europe on the rhetorical links between the French National Identity, Islamophobia, and the performance of sexuality and has presented at the National Communication Association Convention as the National Student Representative of the American Forensics Association.

As an activist, Logan helped organize events in his community for both healing and education. Following an incident of blackface on his campus, he partnered with community leaders to create “Love in Action.” This art-centered healing space provided space for people to draw, write, or speak at an open mic. During his senior year, he hosted an event titled “Get H.I.P: History Informing Politics” that explored the history of division down party lines and provided information on voting in local midterm elections.

As an artist, Logan is a multi-hyphenate. In eight years of high school and collegiate speech and debate, he experienced national success in multiple genres of performance, including a collegiate national championship. He also writes and performs comedy and poetry.

Logan also has teaching experience in middle schools and high schools, having instructed speech and debate across California, as well as at a college level instructing a Leadership Studies class at Kansas State.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

I saw Arts Politics as a one-of-a-kind, interdisciplinary, and emerging department that wouldn't make me choose between my passions and talents. I fell in love with the department the summer before my junior year and by the time senior year rolled around it was the only graduate program I applied to.