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Jenna Hamed

MA Arts Politics Class of 2018

Jenna is a Palestinian American Muslim with an academic background in fashion and fine arts, constantly experimenting with word, color, cloth, and imagery. Growing up at the intersection of her identities, she became aware of many social issues here, there and in between: issues with targeted communities within the U.S., the complexities of diaspora, and the atrocities in the Arab and Muslim world. This inevitably inspired her direction of work professionally, communally, and artistically, allowing her to pursue graduate studies, in hopes of immersing in a career dedicated to giving back what the world has so fruitfully given her. 

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

I was drawn to the fact that the program touches on two very important elements, Art and Politics, and intertwining the two while drawing references to contemporary issues we will face within our careers in the art world and public office. I was drawn to the critical nature, where each class seems like a deep exploration led by industry professionals, scholars, and artists.