Alexis George

Alexis George wears a red blouse with red lipstick.

MA Arts Politics Class of 2021

BA Theatre Arts, University of Arizona; BA Psychology, University of Arizona

Alexis George is a theatre performer and writer working to confront structures of discrimination in theatre spaces. Alexis has been involved in various forms of performance, specifically tap dance and musical theatre, since a very young age. As someone who grew up in the arts, it was easy to see the expense and inapproachable nature of performance. She is a founding member of Tucson Performing Artists for Change and helped create a town hall structure for artists to have anonymous and safe spaces for them to express concerns of discrimination directly to the art institutions. As a lifelong performer, she wants to make theatrical spaces a place that is inclusive and approachable instead of holding onto outdated notions of performance.

What drew you to the MA in Arts Politics?

Dance and theatre were the things that kept me focused and passionate as a child, and I want to be sure that everyone who wants to be onstage can have that chance. The Arts Politics program gave me the tools I needed to start change, while also allowing me to express my creativity in multiple forms.