Kimiyo Bremer

Kimiyo look towards the camera wearing a blue shirt and gold hoop earrings.

M.A. Arts Politics Class of 2020

B.A. Theater and Performance, Bard College

Kimiyo Bremer is an artist, scholar, and writer from Los Angeles whose research focuses on critical race theory, black feminism, gender studies, popular culture, and visual culture. In 2018, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Performance from Bard College and in 2020, graduated with a master’s degree in Arts Politics from New York University’s Art and Public Policy program. She is the co-author of Color Coded (2018), curator of the curatorial research project “Gazing Onward: Contemporary Exhibitions Disrupting the White Gaze”, and has developed two institutional public programs for Poster House. She has also written "Public Spaces, Hidden Faces: Juneteenth and Black Citizenship in America Today" and "Broadening Realities: Reading Kamala Harris’ Black and Indian Identity Through Image". Currently, she works as an assistant to Karen Finley and will be pursuing her PhD in the History of Art and Visual Studies at Cornell University in the fall of 2021.