Rebecca Kenigsberg

Rebecca Kenigsberg headshot

MA Arts Politics Class of 2017

BA Theater, UCLA

After graduating with a Bachelors in Theater from UCLA, Becca decided to switch gears and travel the world. She spent several years teaching in Kenya, South Africa, Mexico, and Costa Rica. While she set out to teach English, her background in theatre inspired her to teach through performance. While in Kenya, she used performance as a means to teach her students verbs, characters as a way to teach adjectives and nouns, and so on. Additionally, she directed a few school productions. It was at that moment that she realized theater can be used not only as entertainment but as a means for education, self-confidence, and pushing boundaries. Upon returning home to Los Angeles in 2015, she reunited with some theater friends and helped start a theater company. With the theater company, she directed and co-produced two full scale musicals in just under 6 months. As a director, performer, and educator, Becca hopes to create pieces that push the boundaries of entertainment with larger messages.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

The Arts Politics program is a unique way to blend my theatrical background and aspirations as well as my experiences traveling to become a global citizen. The program will allow me to use my art as a means for social awareness and hopefully justice. Being at NYU with a strong faculty and student body will push my thought and understanding in order for me to cultivate my craft.