Zhen Cao

Zhen Cao

MA Arts Politics Class of 2016

Bachelor of Media Creativity (Management of Film & TV Production), Zhejiang University of Media and Communication

Zhen is a creative producer whose focus is on interactive storytelling. After she produced a few short films, she devoted herself to interactive entertainment. She wants to explore the possibility of interaction between the audience and the creator. She is studying the storytelling ability of digital media such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Zhen was responsible for creating film products in China, including Monkey King: Hero Is Back, The Imitation Game, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. She joined the NYU Media Research Lab and participated in a few virtual reality productions. She will continue to perform experiments and research in interactive storytelling, and she will look into the policy and ethical issues of interactive storytelling.

Zhen aims to define a new way of entertainment through the combination of technology and storytelling.

What drew you to the MA Arts Politics program?

Film is an art form that combines many other art forms, including dancing, painting, theater acting, etc. In this program, people come from different backgrounds, which is helpful to a producer in order to deconstruct his or her ideas into different art forms.